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Healthcare Security

No longer do you have to decide between managing costs and leveraging safety with cost effective powerful security from TSR.

Healthcare facilities are particularly vulnerable to increased security threats because of the inherent nature of the services they provide. Due to the necessity of allowing visitors to enter freely and the large number of healthcare professionals who will enter and leave a facility throughout the day, they are in need of increased security to protect staff and clients.

To avoid earning a reputation as an unsafe facility, you need the security services of TSR. Here at TSR, we understand the unique security challenges that plague healthcare operations, and we have developed specific strategies to help overcome these obstacles that enable us to promote a safe and secure facility. With extensive experience providing security for a range of healthcare offices, from single medical offices, to large hospitals looking to standardize operations, or anything in-between, we can provide the resources necessary to protect your operations from criminals. 

Property Protection Services

When you go on a well-deserved vacation, keep your property well protected with security services from TSR. Instead of entrusting your property to part time workers who can check in during convenient times for them, we’re always present, working to ensure that your property receives protection from security professionals who know what to look for, and where a danger might come from. Don’t trust your home or business to just anyone. Trust in the company that has over 40 years of experience keeping personal property safe from criminals and thieves.

Mobile Patrol

With TSR’s SIA licensed and experienced agents operating as mobile patrols, we can provide an effective deterrent to thieves and the presence of unauthorised people. Through individually developed and randomised patrol routes designed to keep unauthorised personnel off their guard, we ensure that your establishment is keep well-guarded, both outside and in. The right security staff can safeguard against criminal activity, trespassers, and offer an immediate alert to interior crisis situations, such as broken pipes, fires, and more.

Specialist Security

There are occasions in which a business will have specialised needs that are not addressed in our normal catalogue of services. Should you require services that have not been addressed, please feel free to contact one of our security specialists who can work with you to identify risks, potential threats, and develop a customised solution to your needs.

Key Holding

Key holding services are an integral component to an effective business and they allow it to run efficiently. However, risking sensitive access to low level employees is often an undesirable risk. Allow TSR’s fully trained agents to hold your keys for you, enabling your business to have a new level of security. With your keys held in a locked facility or on one of our agents, your employees can enjoy access to their work and you can enjoy peace of mind that your keys are in good hands.

CCTV Service

With recent technological advancements, TSR has incorporated the latest video surveillance systems, integrated with alarm systems, control access systems, and intrusion detection systems. Our CCTV services work as a highly effective deterrent to criminal behaviour and are a visible reminder that your property is well protected.