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Domestic Security

Keep your buildings and residents safe and boost retention with comprehensive security from TSR.

Our domestic security operations are geared towards individuals and communities who are looking to safeguard their property and the lives of their families. With domestic protective and security services by TRS, you are committing to receiving industry leading support from an agency that is adept at identifying threats and promoting a safe environment.

For individuals we offer short-term and long-term protective services, depending on your individual needs, and we can review your current security operations to identify weaknesses and work to reinforce your security operations. For residential communities we can establish a visual presence that reassures your residents without making them feel as though security is excessive. It is the perfect blend of covert and overt security so that the criminal element is deterred from attempting anything to your residents.

Key Holding

Key holding services are an integral component to an effective business and they allow it to run efficiently. However, risking sensitive access to low level employees is often an undesirable risk. Allow TSR’s fully trained agents to hold your keys for you, enabling your business to have a new level of security. With your keys held in a locked facility or on one of our agents, your employees can enjoy access to their work and you can enjoy peace of mind that your keys are in good hands.

Mobile Patrol

With TSR’s SIA licensed and experienced agents operating as mobile patrols, we can provide an effective deterrent to thieves and the presence of unauthorised people. Through individually developed and randomised patrol routes designed to keep unauthorised personnel off their guard, we ensure that your establishment is keep well-guarded, both outside and in. The right security staff can safeguard against criminal activity, trespassers, and offer an immediate alert to interior crisis situations, such as broken pipes, fires, and more.

CCTV Service

With recent technological advancements, TSR has incorporated the latest video surveillance systems, integrated with alarm systems, control access systems, and intrusion detection systems. Our CCTV services work as a highly effective deterrent to criminal behaviour and are a visible reminder that your property is well protected.

Specialist Security

There are occasions in which a business will have specialised needs that are not addressed in our normal catalogue of services. Should you require services that have not been addressed, please feel free to contact one of our security specialists who can work with you to identify risks, potential threats, and develop a customised solution to your needs.

K9 Service

TSR uses a number of highly trained K9 units that are paired with professional handlers. They are highly effective at tracking suspects, even over longer distances, safely capturing suspects, and locating evidence and people during emergencies.