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Construction Security

Stop criminals before they act and delay your construction time table with powerful construction security options.

Long viewed as a haven for thieves, looters, and vandals, construction sites are common targets and historically easy to enter and leave. While most construction site trespasses involve neighbourhood hoodlums, there are many instances in which disgruntled employees and criminals will enter sites to steal inventory, disrupt operations, and vandalise specialised equipment, potentially costing thousands in damages.

Construction site security is now an invaluable component to the construction sector, helping to secure sites and offer a degree of protection that has historically been unable to obtain. Without detailed security services, your site is vulnerable and exposed to theft and vandalism. For years, general contractors, developers, and subcontractors have trusted TSR to ensure that their construction sites remain free from potential threats.

As a full service security agency, TSR is lead by an expert team of senior management that makes themselves available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t fall prey to a false sense of security that can ultimately cost you thousands of pounds a year a damages. Trust in a security firm that provides customized and comprehensive security services for safeguarding your sites to stop theft before it occurs.

Key Holding

Key holding services are an integral component to an effective business and they allow it to run efficiently. However, risking sensitive access to low level employees is often an undesirable risk. Allow TSR’s fully trained agents to hold your keys for you, enabling your business to have a new level of security. With your keys held in a locked facility or on one of our agents, your employees can enjoy access to their work and you can enjoy peace of mind that your keys are in good hands.

Property Protection Services

When you go on a well-deserved vacation, keep your property well protected with security services from TSR. Instead of entrusting your property to part time workers who can check in during convenient times for them, we’re always present, working to ensure that your property receives protection from security professionals who know what to look for, and where a danger might come from. Don’t trust your home or business to just anyone. Trust in the company that has over 40 years of experience keeping personal property safe from criminals and thieves.

Void Property Inspection

Void properties are especially vulnerable to external threats and interior situations due to their inherent nature. TSR maintains specially trained agents who are equipped to identify strategic risks, signs of recent break-ins, and interior dilapidation that poses a risk to your building now, and in the immediate future. We provide full reports detailing current risks, prior damage, and future risk factors for building management, helping to offset costly repairs in the future if those areas were neglected.

Mobile Patrol

With TSR’s SIA licensed and experienced agents operating as mobile patrols, we can provide an effective deterrent to thieves and the presence of unauthorised people. Through individually developed and randomised patrol routes designed to keep unauthorised personnel off their guard, we ensure that your establishment is keep well-guarded, both outside and in. The right security staff can safeguard against criminal activity, trespassers, and offer an immediate alert to interior crisis situations, such as broken pipes, fires, and more.